Boost Customer Satisfaction and Revenue Growth with Our Digital Menu Platform

Enhance customer experience, save on printing costs, and elevate your brand effortlessly. Easily update, customize, and manage your touchless menu in real-time.

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Faster Table Turnovers

Faster table turnovers and streamlined ordering mean quicker service for your customers and more efficient operations for your staff. Instant access to the menu via scan means more orders are placed in less time. 

Real-Time Updates and Promotions

Update your menu easily from anywhere. Change prices, include daily menus, add new categories or dishes with just one click. Save time and money on constantly redesigning and reprinting paper menus. Our intuitive and user-friendly design interface will allow you greater flexibility and control in managing your business.

Customizable and Quick Setup

Creating a digital menu has never been easier. Simply choose from one of our beautiful templates, add photos and descriptions, and you are set. You can customize the color and fonts to match your style and branding perfectly. And the option of custom labeling (organic, gluten-free, etc.) and product variations (quantity, additions, etc.) is yet another perk that your customers will appreciate.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprints

Digital menus don't require paper or ink, which means fewer trees are cut down, less energy is used in the production process, and less waste is created.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Digital menus offer a modern, interactive, and visually appealing way for customers to browse menu items, access detailed descriptions, and view high-quality images. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and increased average order values.

Touchless and Hygienic Alternative

Give your customers the option to conveniently browse your menu thru their phones, especially now, after the Covid-pandemic when people are more cautious about hygiene and safety. Unlike paper menus which get dirty over time, digital menus are always clean, plus they reduce physical contact and the risk of transmission of germs and bacteria.

All-in-One Features for Your Venue

Effortlessly manage menus, locations, and customer engagement.

Simplified Location Management

  • Control up to 5 venues from one account, making it easier to keep everything in check.
  • Customize each location's look with your own logo, colors, and fonts.
  • Free ready-to-print QR codes, so customers can quickly access your digital menu.
  • Unlimited QR code scans.
  • Unlimited menu views.
  • Your menus will look great on smartphones thanks to our mobile-friendly design.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to understand customer behavior better.

Easy Menu Creation and Updates

  • Use our drag-and-drop editor to effortlessly set up your menu.
  • Make instant changes to your menu items, pricing, or descriptions without any waiting time.
  • You can have up to 20 different menus on one account.
  • Serve multiple menus at a single location — like breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.
  • Run A/B tests to find out which menu versions attract more customers.
  • Various options to manage your menu efficiently, including the ability to temporarily hide or pause them.
  • Add high-res pictures to your menu to make it more appealing.

Organize Menu Categories Your Way

  • Manage up to 100 different categories for your menu items.
  • Personalize category designs and decide their order on the menu.
  • Add images to categories for a visually richer menu.

Detail-Oriented Menu Item Management

  • Add up to 1,000 individual menu items, giving you lots of room to showcase your offerings.
  • Include high-resolution images next to each menu item.
  • Arrange menu items in the order you think is best.

Transparent and Straightforward Pricing

  • Start with a 14-day free trial to test the waters.
  • Choose between monthly or yearly billing options.
  • Have complete control over your subscription.

You Are 30 Minutes Away

We are serious, you are 30 minutes away from faster turnover times, increased revenue and happier clients. That's how long it takes to deploy a digital menu in your venue. Start your free 14-day trial and grow your business.

NeatMenu Grow

For businesses that want to grow revenue and increase customer satisfaction.
per month, billed monthly
per month, $107.88 billed annually
  • Monthly
  • Yearly

Features to grow your business

  • Manage up to 5 locations
  • 20 menus
  • 1000 menu items
  • Unlimited menu views
  • Free, ready to print QR codes
  • Unlimited QR code scans
  • Free 14 day trial

Frequently asked questions

Answers to a few frequently asked questions

How easy is it to create and update digital menus with NeatMenu?

NeatMenu's user-friendly interface makes creating and updating digital menus a breeze. Our drag-and-drop menu editor allows you to quickly add, modify, or remove menu items, descriptions, and prices, without the need for technical expertise.

Can I customize the design of my digital menu to match my venue's branding?

Absolutely! NeatMenu offers a range of customization options, including fonts, colors, and themes, allowing you to personalize your digital menu to align with your venue's unique branding and style.

How does NeatMenu help increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction?

NeatMenu's digital menus enable you to showcase promotions, limited-time offers, and best-selling items, driving sales and enhancing customer engagement. By streamlining the ordering process and providing detailed menu information, you can also improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Will my digital menu be compatible with various devices?

Yes, NeatMenu's digital menus are designed to be responsive and compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.

What kind of support can I expect from the NeatMenu team?

Our dedicated customer support team is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. We'll be happy to assist you with anything from setting up your account to optimizing your digital menu experience. 

In addition to personalized support, we also offer a comprehensive online documentation to ensure that you have access to all the resources you need.



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